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When mailing a check, please let us know it's coming by emailing us at:

team with abolish slavery now

We're a young organization - but anxious to free as many slaves as possible.  If you or your organization is interested in helping, please let us know!  If you would like us to come speak to your organization, email us at:

educate others

People just don't realize slavery is still going on.  Spread the word.  Let them know that millions today don't have their freedom, and are endangered every day.  Our t-shirt is a great icebreaker for getting the questions flowing.  If you're interested in purchasing one of our t-shirts, just email us at

educate yourself

Know the facts.  In this information-age, there is a wealth of material out there on slavery and free-trade issues.  Visit our "Resources" page for enlightenment.

Abolish Slavery Now

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become an abolitionist - and TAKE ACTION!

  • Take our pledge, and align yourself as an agent of hope in this world!
  • Buy responsibly - the simplest first step is to change your consumption patterns.  Buy only fair-trade coffee and chocolate.  Don't buy shrimp from Southeast Asia (where slaves are often used to harvest or peel the shrimp).
  • Ask your grocery manager to sell "fair-trade" and "ethically-sourced" products, and display them as such.
  • Pray for the enslaved.  Prayer links you with those who suffer in a transformative way.

give to rescue a child

ASN is an efficient, all-volunteer charity.  We rely on donations from people like you, so that we can fund rescues, free slaves, and spread the word.