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Abolish Slavery Now announces that 15 children sold into slavery in Ghana, West Africa, have been liberated and are now in a safe house receiving medical treatment and care.  The 15 children (11 boys and 4 girls) range in age from 6 to 17 years.

“This is our fourth funded rescue of children sold or enslaved by kidnapping to give their lives to the fishing industry on the world’s largest man-made lake, Lake Volta,” said Canon Doug Edwards, Executive Director of Abolish Slavery Now (ASN).

This brings the total to 66 children rescued by ASN working with its Ghanaian partner, Challenging Heights.  ASN’s was founded in 2016 by a group of Episcopalians from Ventura following a church youth pilgrimage to Ghana in 2014.  “We saw the ravage of the historic slave trade and learned that it continues to this day,” noted Board member Roger Mann. “How could we not respond to this ancient evil alive in our day?  The Gospel imperative is clear, so we work to bring release to the captives.”

Edwards says that ASN’s goal is to fund three rescues a year.  The final rescue of 2017 will take place near Christmas.  The rescues are dangerous as slaveholders don’t want to give-up the children they paid for. 

Once the children are rescued, they live in a safe house for 6-18 months.  They receive medical, psychological, and spiritual care while attending a home school designed to help them catch up to their peers.  The children are then reunited with family unless to do so would not be in their best interest.

“As Americans celebrate Labor Day, a tribute to honor those who fight for and believe in a decent wage for a decent day’s labor; a small, but life-saving victory has taken place for these 15 children.  Yesterday they were slaves, today they are children daring to believe in a future with new dreams.” declared Edwards.

“We hope that more Americans will join us by declaring themselves to be abolitionists.  There is more to be done.”  To learn more about ASN or contribute to the 2017 Christmas Rescue, visit abolishslaverynow.org.

Those wishing to support rescue efforts can contribute by selecting the DONATE button, or sending a check to Abolish Slavery Now, 4255 Harbour Island Lane, Oxnard CA  93035.